Pauli took part in the youth DR4J-class. His race went very well and the dogs did pretty ok. He became nicely 2nd. Well done, son!

Pauli osallistui hienosti nuorten luokkaan DR4J - neloisvaljakolla. Sijoitus oli hienosti 2. Onnea Pauli!

Musher: Pauli


Vetoava Ahkida ‘Kiida’ - Moon Runs Tiara (leaders)

Vetoava Ealas - Vetoava Combat ‘Combo’

Warming a bit right before the start :)

Here we go!

Pauli at the start line. Leaders Vetoava Ahkida ‘Kiida’ and Moon Runs Tiara. His wheeldogs: Vetoava Combat ‘Combo’ and Vetoava Ealas.

The Arctic Expedition Sled-Dog Racing Team  in action in the Finnish non-snow Championships, Jämijärvi 2020. Leaders Vetoava Elegia - FI KVA FI MVA Kasakan Jack Sparrow ‘Nappi’,  team dogs: Vetoava Fiona - Sainen NIba ‘Nimba’, Vetoava Gamot - Vetoava Cinnamon ‘Sinna’ and wheel dogs: Vetoava Irgad - Vetoava Hoavdi ‘Havdi’. Result was pretty ok, 3rd in huskies :) (Photo: Kimmo Virkki)

Happy musher Pauli at the finnish line of Jämi 2020 - sled dog race. - Some dirt on the track :)

The 2nd racing day started a bit misty - but the dogs in the both teams did pretty well!

Pauli at finnish line after the 2nd day.  YEAH - a true racer pedals and works all the way to the end. Good work!

The Arctic Expedition - racing huskies cooling off after a run. The jackets let the body temperature gradually cool down.

Our current main leader Vetoava Elegia gives Pauli a kiss during break.

And they gave Pauli some good prizes. - Thank you for a nicely organized competition. See you next year.