Born 19.4.2020

The K- and L-puppies playing and running on a sandy beach during our summer trip 2020. From left to right: Vetoava Loki, Vetoava Kiuta, Vetoava Kaje and Vetoava Likta.

Friends have conqured the hill. From left to right: Vetoava Kaje, Vetoava Kiuta, Vetoava Loki and Vetoava Likta (7.2020)


2020 KP Honorary Prize, small puppies class, the Finnish Siberian Husky speciality show Espoo, Finland

2021 VARA-SERT SA NUO-ERI NUK1 PU2  - Reserve certifcate, 1st in youth class, 2nd best male, Heinola Finland

2021 NUO-EH, Siberian husky speciality show 2021, Hirvensalmi Finland

26.9.2020 in the Finnish Siberian Husky Speciality Show Vetoava Kiuta received in puppy class a KP (Honorary prize) in the young puppies class. Kiuta is here 5 months old