Experience the Arctic Expedition


Husky experiences are organized all year around.  Our super-friendly Siberian Huskies are waiting for you to pull you through the Finnish forests. You can select from these exciting sled dog riding activities:

Arctic Husky Hike

Arctic Expedition

Husky-synttärit - Arctic Husky Birthday

Glimpse of Arctic

Arctic Husky Ride

If you wish a longer and more individual ride through the forests you’d enjoy Arctic Expedition. You can select from 3, 2 or 1-hour rides. In Arctic Expedition 3hrs we enjoy half way a customer selectable snack by a fire by a lake. In Arctic Expedition 2hrs a basic snack is enjoyed when back at the base camp.

Arctic Husky Birthday is ideal for our youngest husky lovers. A lot of patting, a short husky ride and a snack by fire is included.

In our introductory Arctic experience Glimpse of Arctic, each person drives a short circuit on a meadow. (Limited availability)

When there’s snow, our huskies will pull you with a dog sled. If there’s not enough snow, you’ll enjoy the ride in a dog cart. When it’s hotter than +15C we organize Husky Hikes only, as it’s too hot for the huskies to run.

We have a limited capacity, so please look at our program times and reserve your seat quickly from our customer service. Please pay in advance with the invoice we’ll send to you.  If you wish to ride at a different time, we’ll do our best to organize it, too.

Read more below on our sled dog experiences



Arctic Expedition 3 hours

Season: winter, spring, autumn

Minimum group size: 1

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

It is time to enjoy the Finnish nature in all of its beauty in a longer mystic sled-dog ride: Meet the dogs and hear on dog mushing. Prepare yourself for the ride.

    You ride safely through the ups an downs and twists of Nuuksio landscape, our 5-6 huskies per sled or dog cart giving you a great ride.  We drive together in a group with many sleds, dog carts or kickbikes a distance of 8-10km. Our guides drive in front and at the back of the line to ensure of your safety. In winter, you yourself can drive a sled between the guides - or relax as a passenger.

    We’ll stop to build a fire and have a nice snack of Finnish specialities (etiher pancakes with jam and whipped cream by the fire or beef & salmon sandwiches, carelian pie and pastries) and coffee, tea or juice. Our camping place is by a beautiful lake, which is all frozen in the winter.  That special coffee ‘nokipannukahvi’ cooked by the fire sure tastes good!

    At the base camp it’s time to share memories and relive the experience. Fetching from the nearest bus stop is included in the price.


    190 € per adult (5-6 dogs, dog sled, -cart or kick bike)

    110 € per child 4-12 years old

    490 € a family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

Arctic Expedition 2h

If you wish for a bit shorter expedition, Arctic Expedition 2h is good for you. We’ll drive a shorter track than in 3h-version, turn back and enjoy of a hot drink by the fire at base camp. The special coffee ‘nokipannukahvit’ tastes good. Tea or juice are also available. Our experienced sled dog guides are with you all the time. Fetching back/forth from nearest bus stop is included in the price.


  160 € per adult (5-6 dogs, dog sled, -cart or kick bike)

    90 € per child 4-12 years old

  390 € a family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)

This our shortest expedition-product. Get to know the huskies and sled dog riding. We drive with a dog sled, dog cart or a kick bike about a 2-4 km track, after which we enjoy of a hot drink from thermos.

     During snow time, this experience is best suitable for 1 person or a group of 3 persons.  If you are a group of two, one person is driven first, after which we come back, switch and the next person drives.

    When there is no snow we ride with a dog cart or drive a kickbike pulled by a husky.

    Fetching back/forth from nearest bus stop is included in the price.


  130 € per adult (5-6 dogs, dog sled, dog cart or kick bike)

    90 € per child 4-12 years old

Experience sled-dog-driving with a kick bike or a dog cart. The friendly Siberian Huskies of Arctic Expedition are waiting for your hugs.  Price includes getting to know our furry friends, driving instructions and one round of sled-dog-driving on a safe track.

Note! Arctic Husky Ride’s are only organized during special, limited times during mass events.


30€ for a person, adult or child.

Wishing something new for your customer event? Wishing a memorable relaxation day with colleagues? Wishing to come to your wedding with a dog sled? - We organize also tailored sled dog rides and -events.

Please contact our customer service.

Prepare for the ride and meet our friendly huskies. Ride on a short but safe track of 0.5-1km pulled by 3-6 sled dogs. Depending on snow and track conditions, you may also drive yourself.   - Relive the experience by an open fire. Hot drink is included (”nokipannukahvit”)  Suitable for people of all ages.


    130 € per adult (5-6 dogs, dog sled, dog cart or kick bike)

     90 € per child 4-12 years old


Hike in the Finnish forests with a Siberian husky. Our experienced nature guide and our lovable dogs guide the group in a nice walk through the beautiful forests of the Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, Finland.  You’ll hear stories about Finnish nature and about huskies.

    We’ll walk a nice trip of 4-7km, with a good break by the fire, cooking sausages and enjoying the tasty coffee/tea.  The walking distance is agreed based on your wishes :)



    100 € - 3 hours, includes coffee & sausages by the fire

      90 € - per child 4-12 years

Glimpse of Arctic 1 hour

Arctic Husky Hike 3 hours

Season: All year around

Minimum group size: 2


    2.5-3h (3h version)

Places where organized:

   Haukkalampi - Nuuksio

National Park

   Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

   Hotel Korpilampi, Espoo

   Hotel Siikaranta, Espoo


Season: Winter, spring, autumn

Duration: 40-60 minutes

Minimum group size:

3 persons (non-scheduled times)

1 person (scheduled times)

Places where organized:

   Kattila, Nuuksio

Arctic Expedition 2 hours

Season: Winter, spring, autumn

Minimum group size:

1 when with sled or dog cart

2 when with kickbikes

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Places where organized

    Kattila, Nuuksio

    Högbacka, Nuuksio

Arctic Expedition 1 hour

Season: winter, spring, autumn

Minimum group size:

1 when with sleds or dog cart

2 when with kickbikes

Duration: 40-60 minutes

Places where organized:

Kattila, Nuuksio

Högbacka, Nuuksio


Arctic Husky Ride

Season: Winter, autumn, spring

Places where organized:

  Scheduled events

Sled dog events

Places where organized

   Kattila, Nuuksio

   Högbacka, Nuuksio

160 € - 2 hours

190 € - 3 hours

130 € - 1 hour

Jarkko Sirkiä

100 € - 3 hours

Further questions?

Husky-synttärit -Arctic Husky Birthday

Synttärikutsut ja paljon huskyjen nuolaisuja! Juhlasankari ja juhlijat tutustuvat ensin ystävällisiin koiriimme. Jokainen pääsee vuorollaan huskyjen kyytiin, samalla muut halivat hauvoja. Lopuksi mennään katetulle nuotiopaikalle paistamaan nakkeja, juomaan limua ja syömään sipsejä ja keksejä. Yhden aikuisen sopisi olla mukana auttamassa.


     290 € / 6 osallistujaa ja valvoja, sis. ajelu ja välipala

     +15 € jokainen lisäjuhlija

A memorable birthday party with our huskies. Meet our huskies, a lot of patting and a husky ride with friends. Afterwards will enjoy a birthday party snack by the fire. One adult should accompany the group. Price includes 6 persons.

Vuodenajat jolloin järjestetään:

Ympäri vuoden

Kesto:     1.5 tuntia

Paikka:    Kattila, Nuuksio

Aika:         Sopimuksen mukaan 

Season: Winter, spring, autumn

Duration: 1.5 hours

Place:      Kattila, Nuuksio

Time:       Contact us

290 € 1.5 tuntia, sis. 6 hlöä

Please note

All prices include VAT. Please makes sure you prepay with the invoice we have sent to you. Unfortunately at this point of time we don’t accept debit or credit cards.

If you wish, you can also pay with mobile activity money such as Edenred, ePassi or Smartum Pay or similar.

All our prices also include a liability insurance.  Sled dog riding is not a dangerous sport, but please make sure you are personally insured against accidents.

Please look at our calendar to see the available times and reserve your time from our customer service, as we are filling our schedules early.

You can also come to our Arctic Expedition -rides without a bigger group. Persons coming solo, will need to pay 30€ extra.

It is easy to reach us by train and bus. When you come to our Arctic Expedition experiences, fetching from the last bus stop is included in the price. For connections, see here.

Sled dog riding is suitable for all ages. Normally fit people can drive our dogs themselves. As sled dog driving is also a physical activity, you may also want to ‘just relax and let the guide drive you’ :). Driving yourself is only allowed during safe track and weather conditions.

Warm outdoors clothes, boots, hat and gloves are needed. When we drive with kickbikes or dog carts, you are provided with a helmet, goggles and gloves. During winter we’ll bring some overalls, gloves and boots for you to wear. If it is rainy, we’ll bring some rain gear.