Olipa kerran reipas johtajakoiran alku... ”

As a puppy Neva looked like this ...

... joka aikuistuessaaan innostui koiravaljakkokisaamisesta:)

... when grown up, the puppy  loved  racing - and winning races :)”

Neva toimii pentujensa äitinä erittäin hyvin:  huolehtii pienokaisistaan ihanan hellästi.

Nevan kisatuloksia mm. / Some of Neva’s results in sled dog races:


Ohkolan Kevät DR4, sija 1


Arctic Trophy DR4, sija 1

Pekolan Pakolliset DR4, sija 1

SM-DS2 Jämi, sija 7

DS2 Ohkola, sija 6

DS1J Jämi, sija 2

DS2 Ohkola, sija 2

SM-SP4J Ohkola, sija 5

SP4 Kasarin Salpasäpinät sija 9/33 REK3


SP4 Robur Sprint, sija 6

SM-DS2J Ohkola, sija 3

SM-DBMJ Ohkola, sija 1

SM-SP4(J) Ohkola, sija 10

SP4 Kasarin Salpasäpinät, sija 8/23 REK2


DS2J Kärry SM Jämi, sija 2

Arctic Soul Hera ‘Neva’ - our trustworthy lead dog: She is well motivated to run as a fearless leader. Neva has a happy and friendly character: She listenes and understand well and is obedient. - When harnessed, her drive to run is awesome: Without a single temptation to sniff around, she just wants to press forward.

Her drive and speed have won her dog team several trophies. Her racing ancestors probably did give her ‘the right blood’. She also runs single dog roller well. Her hobbies include agility and obediance training.

When her master has taken her to the show ring, they have awarded him several ERIs (Excellent) and SA (Worth a certificate). 

When she received her first babies 14.9.2014, she has proved to be a great mother: Always keeping her babies clean, not forgetting to lick even their faces :)

What more could one hope from a great dog and a friend?

Nevalla on johtajakoirien sukutaulu

Neva has racing ancestors

Arctic Soul Hera ‘Neva’ 2014