Born 2.2.2017


From his father’s side, Fiona is fully descendant from famous Vargevas-line. Her dad is our long distcance dog Cannon, who has many fine descendants. Her granddad is Nathan av Vargevassa, the famous Vargevass leader. She has several Finnish Champion and World Champion ancestors from her mother Beata’s side. - Please click the ancestor chart to see this online.


2019 REK3 MD12 2x42km Kuusamo Finland

2020 7th (3rd RNB) SM-DR8 2x7.7km Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2020 8th/24 RNB MD10 4x7.7km in 10hrs with 330kg weight pulled, Jämi MD 2020, Jämijärvi Finland

2021 1st RNB finisher MD4J 33km Ruunaa Race 2021


2019 KÄY-EH - very good, the Siberian Husky speciality show, Espoo Finland

2018 SA NUO-ERI NUK1 Ähtäri, Finland

2018 SA NUO-ERI NUK1 Kihniö, Finland