Born 29.1.2017



2018 4th SM-DR8 2x7.7km, the best Siberian husky team  in Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2018 5th in Europe,  EM-SP8 RNB 2x5km European Championships Nybro Sweden

2019 REK3 MD12 2x42km Kuusamo Finland

2019 REK2 DR4 SHS iloinen kevätkilpailu, Lohja Finland

2019 5th (1st RNB) SM-DR8 2x7.7km Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2019 1st REK1 RNB DR6 2x7.0km Alma Off-snow, Mikkeli Finland

2019 3rd RNB MD12 4x7.7km in 10hr time-slot, with 380kg weight pulled, Jämi MD 2019, Jämijärvi Finland

2020 2nd RNB REK1 DR6 2x7.0km Alma Off-snow, Mikkeli Finland

2020 7th (3rd RNB) SM-DR8 2x7.7km Finnish Championships, Jämijärvi Finland

2020 8th/24 RNB MD10 4x7.7km in 10hrs with 330kg weight pulled, Jämi MD 2020, Jämijärvi Finland

Working dog tests

2018 YLE2 51/60p, Finnish Championship working dog test, Ikaalinen, Finland

2019 YLE1 57/60p, Working dog test, Loppi, Finland


2018 SA NUO-ERI NUK2 SA, Excellent, worth a certificate, Helsinki, Finland

In the pedigree of Vetoava Elegia, the finest lines Finnish and Swedish/Norwegian working dog lines unite:  Father Kiri is with his World Champion father (Barak) and Finnish Championship mother (Winona)  one of our best dogs. Tiara comes from Vargevass background, full of long distance leaders. - Please click the pedigree to see the online -version of it.

The Arctic Expedition Sled-Dog Racing Team  in action in the Finnish non-snow Champioships, Jämijärvi 2020. Leaders Vetoava Elegia - FI KVA FI MVA Kasakan Jack Sparrow ‘Nappi’,  team dogs: Vetoava Fiona - Sainen NIba ‘Nimba’, Vetoava Gamot - Vetoava Cinnamon ‘Sinna’ and wheel dogs: Vetoava Irgad - Vetoava Hoavdi ‘Havdi’. Result was pretty ok, 3rd in huskies :) (Photo: Kimmo Virkki)


Moon Runs Cannonball ‘Cannon’ x

Vetoava Elegia ‘Elegia’

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Vetoava Elegia 8.2021